Klint Kesto, State Representative, 39th District:

“I would like to congratulate Moving Forward for receiving an A+ Accreditation for excellence from the National Association of Senior Move Managers. You guys have done a wonderful job with helping the 55+ population with a wide range of moving issues. Moving Forward has done an excellent job with making the move extremely easy for families and provides them with everything necessary to relieve any stress from the move.”

  "You are comprehensive!  This ended up being hands-down the easiest move my family ever made, and there have been lots. Moving Forward was worth every penny & I am so glad I found you! Thank you, Thank you!"    

 -Daughter for Mom at Fox Run (who moved to Glacier Hills)

“Valued staff’s honesty and the care to clients and their possessions."

-Catherine (POA for clients moving to Fox Run)

“Staff was friendly, polite and helpful!"-Arlene, fox run

"All staff were very fast and hard workers. Covered everything from A to Z."  Linda, caregiver at All Seasons Rochester

 "LouAnne and her employees are kind, capable, conscientious, efficient, and honest. The services they provided were invaluable and I do not know how I could have moved without their help."- B.M., Fox Run, Novi  

"it's so much more than just a move..."

“Even in a downpour, it was a pleasurable experience.” - Janet at Henry Ford Village

 "My staff just unpacked a move packed and coordinated by LouAnne Audette of Moving Forward, in Detroit, MI. They said they had never sen a job so well done. Coming from other Senior Move Managers, that is quite a feat. Bravo, LouAnne." 

 Margit Novack, President, National Association of Senior Move Managers 

"The things I most valued and appreciated were your staff's efficiency, general helpfulness, and courtesy." Dorothy Bradley, Brighton, Michigan

  "I truly valued your kindness, empathy, and the great way you interacted with my step-mother. You did an excellent job on very short notice. I would have been overwhelmed without you! I felt comfortable having you make decisions, knowing you would do as good a job (or better) than I would myself.” - K.W. daughter-in-law, Freedom Square, Farmington 


"You were all wonderful. I didn't need to worry about anything. You thought of everything. Your services made this challenging situation so much easier for me and my family! Thank you!"

C.W., daughter, Presbyterian Village


“Staff was very professional and efficient.  Also the return address labels -provided by Moving Forward- how thoughtful!”

-Margaret, Henry Ford Village 


 “Valued the staff’s friendly, prompt service. Thank you very very much – very satisfied."  -Don, All Seasons Rochester

Case Study: With Family Support



Mrs. K., 91, had downsized twice already in her life, and was convinced that she needed to move at this time to an assisted living community where she could have help with all of her meals, bathing, and medications; as well as some dressing and grooming tasks. She had two devoted daughters with full and busy lives and did not want to bother them for daily personal assistance more than was necessary. Mrs. K. had macular degeneration, decreased hearing, heart and circulation problems, and used an electric cart for mobility, which she operated with a joystick. She was mentally sharp, able to make her own decisions, and enjoyed socializing and being nicely groomed daily. She was on a waiting list at the assisted living community of her choice, and when a room became available, she had only about two weeks to get organized and complete the move to a space about half the size of her present senior independent living apartment. Her daughter contacted Moving Forward for assistance in making the move as smooth as possible, completing closet re-design for more storage prior to the move, and for helping with downsizing decisions.


The owner of Moving Forward met with both Mrs. K. and her daughter to discuss options and give tips during the initial free consultation. This included viewing the new apartment and discussing furniture arrangement that had been previously thought through by the daughter. Measurements were taken of the closets as well as the windows since Mrs. K. had some draperies that could be re-fit and installed.

The daughter was given a tip sheet listing things to be aware of when moving a parent that can help ease the psychological pain of "letting go" of treasured pieces of furniture and special items collected over a lifetime. Although purchase of items through a referral source was discussed, Moving Forward recommended that the family pitch in if possible and store or use the items according to the parent's wishes. After discussion with the extended family, that is what was done. The family decided to hire Moving Forward to help with packing Mrs. K.'s fine china, lamp shades, electronic items, and some miscellaneous items. The daughter provided some of her own boxes and much of her own packing work. She also spent quality time with her mother helping her sort through items, determining what would fit in the new space, what items were most important to her mom, and which relatives would enjoy having the others.

Moving Forward contracted with a licensed builder to install closet shelving and rods that provided optimal use of space as well as allowing Mrs. K. to reach items easier. We recommended a moving company that we know works well with seniors. Large furniture items that were not going to the assisted care community were dropped off at the second daughter's home on moving day. Moving Forward personnel arrived at the end of the unpacking session to clear away boxes and packing materials and check on the family to see that things had gone smoothly, and assist in any way possible. Because the family was able to provide so much help, they kept their costs to a minimum. Mrs. K. was able to fit right into her new life with emotions intact, a smooth transition, and loving support from a family who was not burdened beyond their abilities.

 "We most valued your expertise with downsizing and older clients, as well as your efficiency with packing china, glassware and similar hard-to-pack items. We also appreciated your timeliness, and assistance in obtaining additional services that we needed. You definitely made our lives easier!" 

 Daughter of Mrs. K., Waterford, Michigan 


Case Study: No Family Support



Ms. B., 97, and her sister, Mrs. S., 102, were living separately in 2 bedroom apartments in the same community about two doors away from each other. Neither sister had ever had children. Ms. B. had given up driving about two years previously, so they had to depend on a few remaining relatives and old friends whenever they wanted to get out of the house, grocery shop, visit a doctor, or visit with others.

Ms. B. had difficulty hearing, and had a difficult time walking, bending, and lifting. Since recovering from a back injury, she had been using a walker and a cane but had recovered to the point where she now used someone's arm to steady herself for long distances or steps. She was also using a raised toilet seat and shower chair as assistive devices. She had lost her hearing aides. She regularly hired help for housecleaning. She did the necessary research to find a senior independent community for herself and her sister so that they could have transportation, easy access to medical care, a safe place in which to move about, organized activities, and a community of new friends. She also knew that she would need assistance packing, unpacking, and moving, and was interested in using Moving Forward services to help in this area.

Mrs. S. was still able to move, bend, and walk normally and continued to care for all her personal needs independently. She was, however, forgetful and often confused and unable to accept, understand, or acknowledge any need for assistance. She did not feel that her relationship with her sister was a close one, but in reality, relied on her sister for many things. She wanted to pack and unpack herself, and wanted to make her own decisions about where and when to move. She refused Moving Forward's offer to complete a floor plan or call in a company to purchase unneeded items, and she had had some bad experiences with moving companies in the past. Mrs. S. was basically mistrustful of others and also lived on a limited budget.


Moving Forward spoke with and visited both sisters to determine their needs and offer appropriate services. Because Mrs. S. was sure that she could make all her own arrangements and pack herself, we proceeded to take care of Ms. B.'s move first. We brought in a moving company that we trusted and who we knew would work well with our client and coordinate with us. Two Moving Forward employees were able to pack for Ms. B. the day before her move. The day of the actual move, Moving Forward set up all her furniture, unpacked everything except pictures, and set up items in her new apartment the way she wanted them. She was able to eat her noon meal at the new community along with her move coordinator for companionship, made some new acquaintances right away, and was able to rest and supervise the unpacking that afternoon.

Because Mrs. S. found herself unable to do the things she had hoped, she relented and allowed Moving Forward to complete the packing that she had not been able to do on her own. Moving Forward left information with both sisters and the community about additional services that could be used if Mrs. S. needed more assistance. We were pleased to have made this very positive move possible for these women, and to have enabled both of them to maintain their independence and self-esteem in spite of their very advanced age.