Moving Forward provides a variety of services that will support you during the relocation process. Each move is unique. With Moving Forward, you can choose from our range of services to meet your specific needs and concerns. You direct your move -- even from a rehabilitation center or another location if that is required. All of our services are optional and depend on our clients' needs and desires. We will keep your family and friends informed (at your request), provide expert advice, and provide timely service that meets with your satisfaction. 


Free Moving Consultation

  • Free in-home consultation and estimate for desired services
  • Our staff will answer any questions regarding your move, particular situation and how Moving Forward can be of assistance
  • Brochures, referrals, and free moving tips and reading material provided at this time


Pre –Move

  • Coordination between you and any other companies and/or family members involved
  • Assist you in completing a floor plan with guidance and accuracy.  Final drawings are issued to all interested parties.
  • Downsizing, sorting and organizing
  • Re-purposing of furniture and other items
  • Removal and proper recycling of unwanted items, including hazardous materials
  • Complete organized and secure packing of items to be taken to the new home
  • Photos taken for replication of china cabinets, curios, and knick-knack displays
  • Packing and labeling in order to replicate drawer contents (if unsafe to leave them inside during transport).


The Day of The Move

  • Moving Forward offers our own movers who will arrive to load and transport your packed items in our own trucks to your new home. Our movers then unload and place your boxes and furniture according to your desire and needs, or based on a  prior discussed floor plan preferably. Moving Forward movers work closely with our packing crew and our assigned team leaders to ensure all items come off the truck in the correct order and reduce your stress on the day of the move and unpack.
  •  For large or long distance moves we work closely with the vanlines of your choosing and can help by recommending companies we have relied on in the past!

Additional Services

  • Load / unload your own or a rented vehicle or storage unit, POD.
  • We can offer you a ride to your new home if you do not drive, are unable to, or do not have a family member available on the move day
  • Transporting small loads short distances, (from a few pieces of furniture to a small one bedroom apartment of boxes and furniture), this could include taking items to storage, donation, or consignment stores.
  • Aging in Place evaluations , recommendations, and services are available for those who aren’t quite ready to move but require some changes to stay safely in their homes. Our owner’s background in Occupational Therapy offers expertise in this area above and beyond what the typical senior move manager can offer.
  • Consignment sales of your sell-able items that you won’t be taking with you. This includes pick-up and delivery to our processing center as well as mailing of monthly consignment checks along with lists of what has sold.

We provide QUICK, FRIENDLY, and COMPASSIONATE service.

  • Tips & referrals given at a free, no-obligation visit!
  • One-day packing for any size job!
  • Unpacking, re-settling, vacuuming, and furniture polishing the same day as the move.
  • Room designs that accommodate walkers and wheelchairs if needed.
  • Safety tips and suggestions.

SERVICES: the day of the move



 Advance preparation is the key to successful moves. We provide a free no-obligation consultation where we will discuss your needs and how we can help meet them. We will give you a packet of information to keep that includes answers to commonly asked moving questions, handy checklists for change of addresses, last-minute move reminders, and how to prepare for packers in order to save time and money.

During this visit we evaluate your situation and give you personalized tips and referrals that will help make your move easier whether or not you decide to take advantage of our services. We are available for services prior to packing including sorting through closets and basements, assisting you with floor planning and choices of what to take, sell, donate, or keep in the family. If you are ready, we can pick up items you wish to consign and deliver them to our consignment store for processing. Any items not accepted by our store manager can be picked up for donation at our site. Our contracts will spell out this process for you.

After you have returned our cost agreement and signed our liability policy we are available anytime to answer questions or to visit and re-evaluate your needs based on how much you have been able to complete independently.


During the Move

For many people, the job of packing is physically and emotionally exhausting. Our experienced personnel can pack everything to be moved, shipped, or sold. We provide all the packing materials and the know-how so you can relax. On moving day, if no family is available, we can assist you in last minute tasks while the moving company is loading up. If needed, we can then transport you and/or the things you want to hand-carry to your new home. The same team that arrived to pack your belongings will be there to unpack and organize your new home, putting everything right where you need to use it. We will even polish your furniture, re-connect your computer, and make your bed! You can feel settled from the very start. Most people feel more comfortable when items in their new home are arranged (as much as possible) the same way that they were before the move. We will photograph your original arrangements and if you wish, we will duplicate them the day of the unpack. This saves you from having to make so many decisions on placement of items when you first arrive at your new home.


After The Move

Relocating to a new home is always an emotional and stressful time. There is so much to do....

After the move, our caring and talented staff will return to hang your pictures after you have had some time to get a feel for your new environment and think about placement.
We can scrub-clean your previous home to prepare it for sale, or help box-up items you left behind but want transported elsewhere.

We can do a complete clean-out of your previous home.  We charge only for the time spent onsite.  If a donation inventory is needed, this is done on site, or you can do this yourself.  At no additional charge, we sort cast-offs into donations, recyclable materials, trash, and hazardous wastes and deliver all these to the appropriate sites. 

We do everything we can to be a “green” company by reusing boxes and wrapping products and by proper recycling of everything possible. 

 We offer complete clean-outs of homes after move-out. This often entails having a dumpster on site, but if possible, we prefer to bag smaller amounts of trash and take all re-usable items to our warehouse at NEIL'S DISCO & FURNITURE CO., where it is inventoried and tagged for sale or donation. Several different charities pick up loads on a regular basis at our site and we can supply you with donation receipts if needed. We can do a light sweep clean after the clean-out or a thorough cleaning depending on your wishes.