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 As part of our commitment to assisting seniors and their families, we now offer consignment services to help ease the burden of the downsizing process.  Our consignment warehouse and services, otherwise known as Neil’s Consignments™, provide you with a simple solution for liquidating a loved one’s estate.    

A New Approach To Consignment:

We separate ourselves from other consignment providers by broadening our reach across multiple sales channels. These include our retail warehouse store, weekly Online Vintage Auction, local online sites such as Facebook and Craigslist and through online sites with a more global reach, such as eBay.  We use experience and creativity to find new homes for your loved one’s treasures!

- Our professional movers carefully pack and remove any items that you’ve previously selected for sale and transport them to our warehouse. 

- Our expert sales team will then evaluate and research your items and decide which market channels will maximize the value of each item. 

- We then market and sell your items and mail you a check!

- By bringing the contents of the estate to our warehouse, we are able to maximize your return, avoid the rush and hassle of a traditional estate sale and clear out the home quickly so that you can begin moving forward!