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Pre-Move Preparation

Louanne: Planning for a Move

Advance preparation is the key to successful moves. We provide a free no-obligation consultation where we will discuss your needs and how we can help meet them. We will give you a packet of information to keep that includes answers to commonly asked moving questions, handy checklists for change of addresses, last-minute move reminders, and how to prepare for packers in order to save time and money.

During this visit we evaluate your situation and give you personalized tips and referrals that will help make your move easier whether or not you decide to take advantage of our services. We are available for services prior to packing including sorting through closets and basements, assisting you with floor planning and choices of what to take, sell, donate, or keep in the family. We can make phone calls to arrange for pick ups for donation or consignments; or we can provide referrals, time-lines, and choices so that you can complete this at your leisure

After you have returned our cost agreement and signed our liability policy we are available anytime to answer questions or to visit and re-evaluate your needs based on how much you have been able to complete independently.

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