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During The Move

During the Move: Packing and other services

For many people, the job of packing is physically and emotionally exhausting. Our experienced personnel can pack everything to be moved, shipped, or sold. We provide all the packing materials and the know-how so you can relax.

On moving day, if no family is available, we can assist you in last minute tasks while the moving company is loading up. If needed, we can then transport you and/or the things you want to hand-carry to your new home.

The same team that arrived to pack your belongings will be there to unpack and organize your new home, putting everything right where you need to use it. We will even polish your furniture, re-connect your computer, and make your bed! You can feel settled from the very start.

Most people feel more comfortable when items in their new home are arranged (as much as possible) the same way that they were before the move. We will photograph your original arrangements and if you wish, we will duplicate them the day of the unpack. This saves you from having to make so many decisions on placement of items when you first arrive at your new home.

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