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After The Move

Relocating to a new home is always an emotional and stressful time. There is so much to do....
After the move, our caring and talented staff will return to hang your pictures after you have had some time to get a feel for your new environment and think about placement.
We can scrub-clean your previous home to prepare it for sale, or help box-up items you left behind but want transported elsewhere.

We can do a complete clean-out of your previous home.  We charge only for the time spent onsite.  If a donation inventory is needed, this is done on site, or you can do this yourself.  At no additional charge, we sort cast-offs into donations, recyclable materials, trash, and hazardous wastes and deliver all these to the appropriate sites. 

We do everything we can to be a “green” company by reusing boxes and wrapping products and by proper recycling of everything possible. 

When you donate items you no longer need, you are helping the environment, the new end-user, and the charitable organization, as well as yourself- especially if you can take the tax deduction.  We will provide a donation receipt on request.

We can also:

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